Villages of Dorchester supports and encourages open communication between neighbors as well between residents and the Board Of Directors. Board members actively participate in the online communication forums in order to give our residents the most current and accurate information about what’s happening in VOD. As a Board, we are building a culture of RESPECT and PARTICIPATION from EVERYONE in our community, and we ask that you please use a respectful tone in the online forums. Remember – these are your neighbors! We currently use 2 online forums for communication: is a private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It’s the easiest way for neighbors to talk online, and it’s free. To register for, you need to verify that you are a current resident of Villages of Dorchester – so all of the members of our Nextdoor community are your actual neighbors. Nextdoor also lets you categorize your posts as General Announcements, Classifieds, Crime & Safety, Lost & Found, Recommendations and Freebies. One of the biggest advantages of NextDoor is that it gives users the option to post messages just to our VOD community or to share with other neighboring communities as well. Thus, it allows entire neighborhoods to communicate with each other and it’s a great way to reach a wider audience and share important updates about security issues and such. Nextdoor also has an app for Android and i-phone so you can receive and respond to posts easily.
Download Nextdoor for Android
Download Nextdoor for i-phone is an unmoderated forum which is open to the public. Anyone can join our i-neighbors community regardless of whether or not they live in Villages of Dorchester, so please bear that in mind when posting or replying.