Fitness Class

Registration is now open for our Spring 2015 Fitness Class, held at the Community Center.

VOD Saturday Fitness Class
April 25, 2015 – June 13, 2015 (8 weeks)
7:00 – 8:00 am
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The VOD Saturday morning fitness class is designed to get you UP, get you ENERGIZED and get you FIT using a variety of cardio and resistance training activities. The instructor for this class is a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. This class is designed for ANY fitness level, and the instructor will provide modifications to the exercies in order to fit the needs of each person.

Participants are required to bring their own exercise mat as well as their own dumbbells to class each week (8-10lb weights are recommended, however, please use whatever best fits your ability).
The session is 8-weeks and will start April 25th at 7am at the VOD Community Center.

Instructor Bio:
Lamont Connor is an AAAI/ISMA Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. He played 4 years of college football at Bowie State University, where he developed a passion for health and fitness. He provides high intense, short interval, total body workouts and nutritional guidance.