Report an Issue

Grass that is overdue for cutting? Tree down on a walking path? Broken equipment on one of the playgrounds?

These are just some of the common issues that occur around our community and that need to be reported to the community manager so that they can be resolved. Villages of Dorchester’s management company – FirstService Residential – has set up a way for residents to report issues such as these online! When you report an issue it is logged in a database and a “work order” is created automatically. This allows FirstService Residential and our community manager to track and prioritize projects.



1) Log in to your account on the FirstService Residential website: LOG IN 2) On your home page, locate this icon:Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 12.58.47 PM
3) Complete the form. PLEASE NOTE: you also have the option to attach photos and files if you would like to submit documentation.
4) Workorders are sent directly to our community manager. You can follow up on them at any time.   If you have questions or problems logging into the website or submitting your workorder, please contact FirstService Residential 24/7 toll-free – 1.800.870.0010 where you will always reach a live person to answer your call and help you solve any issues.